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Know the Tracheostomy Procedure, Indications and Risks

Tracheostomy is a procedure performed in emergency situations or in people with severe illness. The main purpose of this procedure is to maintain the airway. But in addition to its benefits, this procedure also carries the risk of complications, during or after a tracheostomy. Tracheostomy is also known as stoma. Health problems that require this procedure are generally related to the respiratory tract. With the aim of making sufferers can breathe properly. This procedure is usually performed in medical emergencies or in certain diseases that cause airway obstruction or respiratory failure. This condition is a serious condition that can be life threatening if not treated immediately, therefore tracheostomy is done to keep the breathing process going well to support the continuity of life. Opening of the Throat Tracheostomy is the opening or making of a hole performed on the windpipe or trachea, through an incision in the skin in the front of the neck, with the help of general ane
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Benefits of Olive Oil for Beautiful Shiny Hair

Not only for cooking, there are many benefits of olive oil for hair that is always healthy. Olive oil is one of the ingredients most often used as a hair care product. This oil, which is rich in fatty acids, beta carotene, vitamin E, and antioxidants, is believed to be able to relieve crusty or flaky scalp, moisturize the scalp, and stimulate optimal hair growth. In addition, olive oil can also maintain hair moisture, increase hair softness, and strengthen hair by penetrating the hair shaft. It is also olive oil that can smooth or flatten the cuticles or outer layer of hair to make hair look shiny. Still not enough? Check out the various benefits of olive oil for the following hair. Branched hair Olive oil is believed to help deal with split ends. The trick, simply apply the ends of damaged hair (about 5 cm) with olive oil. Dry hair Olive oil is very useful for dealing with dry hair that is stiff and difficult to manage. The trick, apply olive oil evenly to the scalp and each

Abdominal Muscle Exercise, Secret to a Slim Stomach

There are various ways to get a slim and athletic stomach, one of which is abdominal exercise. To form a sixpack stomach requires a consistent exercise process, maintaining a healthy diet, up to nutrition and protein intake to accelerate the formation of abdominal muscles. Sixpack belly slim body is now a separate trend that is much in demand by people both young and old. Various methods are used in order to obtain an athletic body shape, one of which is exercise and diet. But keep in mind, to reach the ideal weight there is no instant way. You need commitment, patience, and strong fortitude to get the expected results. Reducing good weight needs to be done gradually and consistently. Target optimal weight loss is usually between 0.25 - 1 kg per week. But remember, the ideal body weight for each person varies depending on gender, metabolism, age, and daily activities. Abdominal muscles consist of three layers. The very deep layer is transversus abdominis, which functions as a bodil

Like this the Benefits and Ways of Strength Training

Not only bodybuilders, strength training is also important for anyone of any age. There are various health benefits that can be felt, including for people with arthritis and heart disease. To start strength training, it is recommended to do it gradually so that the body can adapt. To reduce the risk of injury, it is also advisable to first learn strength training techniques that are suitable and suitable for your body's condition and do not forget to warm up before starting the exercise. If necessary, consult with an experienced instructor before doing strength training. Benefits that can be obtained Strength training will improve overall body health and vitality to support daily activities. Including improving blood circulation, increasing metabolism and organ function, reducing the risk of injury, increasing bone density, forming joints and muscles becoming stronger. In addition, other benefits of strength training for physical and mental health include: Maintain body fle

Beware of Liver Abscess, Dangerous Liver Infection

An abscess is a collection of pus in a wound that is generally caused by a bacterial infection. This condition can occur in any part of the body, including organs that play an important role in the body's metabolism, namely the liver. Abscesses that occur in these organs are known as liver abscesses or liver abscesses. The liver plays an important role in producing bile and enzymes to help digest food, and eliminate toxins that enter the body such as alcohol. Disorders of these organs, including liver abscesses, will certainly interfere with the process. Detection of liver abscess can be known from physical examination and supporting examinations such as complete blood examination, X-rays, ultrasound, CT scan, or even MRI. In general, this disease can affect anyone. But there are some people who are more at risk of experiencing it, especially those who: More than 70 years old. Traveling or living in a place where this infection is common. Consuming liquor and or not getting